Remove friction from banking calls with conversational AI

Prime bankers to turn awkward conversations
into extraordinary customer experiences

  • 33% Increase in sales of financial products
  • 18% In client portfolio growth
  • 43% Improvement in customer satisfaction scores

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Supporting customer relationships with AI training

Second Nature’s AI training turns every banker into a trusted advisor, with the confidence and updated knowledge to explain banking products, manage difficult customer interactions, and comply with all regulations, increasing customer satisfaction and driving more revenue

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Conversational AI unburdens managers

Banking managers are often drowning in call recordings. Second Nature’s AI training does the heavy lifting for them, freeing them to focus on their other activities

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Fun AI training

Training is not everyone’s favorite pastime, but with interactive AI-powered role play, bankers are motivated and engaged. Second Nature boosts enthusiasm, completion, and performance.

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Onboard in the blink of an eye

AI role play simulations enable active learning which speeds up the learning process and improves material retention. This empowers new employees to ace every customer conversation, and shortens time to first call so you can scale at will.

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