Blend Second Nature Simulations with Your LMS Using SCORM

BY:  Elran Bor
February 16, 2022

With so much material to coordinate and users to train, many enterprises today rely on a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS tracks engagement and usage rates, records and stores scores and results, and helps you organize all your learning materials, simulations, certification programs, tutorial videos, etc.

With so much going on for sales enablement and learning and development teams, making sure that everything connects to and syncs with your LMS has become a must-have. That’s why Second Nature has launched a new SCORM integration, to make it easier to link your artificial intelligence-based pitch practice simulations, cold call role plays, and more with the rest of your training and coaching materials and activities.

SCORM is a technical standard that e-learning platforms use to communicate with LMSes. With SCORM, e-learning content like Second Nature can combine with any LMS in just a couple of clicks.

Streamline training program development

SCORM helps you embed Second Nature’s AI-based role play courses within your LMS with minimum  fuss and hassle. All you’ll need to do is go to the Second Nature app homepage to download the SCORM package, then upload it to your LMS. 

Instead of several weeks of tedious work, your chosen Second Nature Discovery simulation, pitch practice, objection handling course, or other realistic practice module is integrated into your learning program within minutes. 

Boost engagement for sales employees

At the end of the day, employees need to own their own sales practice, but you can help tip the balance towards engagement. The new SCORM integration allows Second Nature to “live” within your LMS, so users can complete all their practice requirements within the same platform. The more friction you can remove, the higher you’ll push engagement and satisfaction.

Using SCORM to integrate your role play practice module synchronizes their scores with the program as a whole, helping you to track engagement and giving them the boost of being able to see their progress within the LMS.

Improve tracking and analytics

When you connect your Second Nature simulations with the LMS system, sales employee scores are automatically driven to the LMS. All your training activities are coordinated and centralized in a single location, making tracking seamless and helping simplify the process of gathering data for analytics.

Make a good sales coaching program even better

Just like sales enablement teams, Second Nature never stops trying to make a good training program better. The new SCORM integration solves a serious headache for anyone involved in developing sales training programs, helps encourage engagement, and streamlines data collection and analytics for sales enablement, learning and development, and other sales personnel.

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