CASE STUDY: How Check Point Scaled Their Sales Coaching System

BY:  Rebecca Herson
February 24, 2021
Updated on March 11, 2024

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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cybersecurity software, with a vast range of customers, a large stable of products, and thousands of employees in its sales team. It was facing a serious challenge; the need to train all of its numerous sales teams to be confident about company messaging as well as all the features of its products. 

Existing approaches just weren’t working, so the sales enablement managers went looking for a new methodology. 

Scaling sales coaching was becoming urgent

Scaling up sales coaching across teams of thousands of employees is no small task. Check Point had recently expanded its line of cloud security solutions, and many of its sales representatives hadn’t mastered the details of the new products. Check Point needed to train employees in both the features of its cloud products, and to communicate company messaging clearly and accurately. 

The webcam recording solution it was using simply wasn’t effective enough. Sales employees were not engaged enough to complete the training process, and sales managers were too busy to follow up with every employee. Managers had no visibility into employee progress, and employees were lacking confidence that they could deliver pitches successfully. 

Enter Second Nature AI-driven sales coaching software

At this point, Check Point’s head of training and product positioning, Sagy Kratu, was introduced to Second Nature’s AI-based sales training software. Two simulation exercises were created for Jenny, the Second Nature AI-powered sales coach, to offer Check Point’s sales employees. 

Sales representatives would have a simulated sales conversation with Jenny and receive her feedback in real time. Jenny also automatically scored employee pitches and shared the data with sales managers.

AI-based sales coaching cut through the complexity

The results were noticeable. Employees embraced the solution, completing three times as many practice pitches as they had previously and gaining measurably in confidence. Sales productivity rose proportionally. Equally importantly, sales managers finally have visibility into employee progress and capabilities.  

Kratu remarked: “You can see in the reports that the level of engagement increased, employees’ ability to pitch the product or solution based on key benefits and messaging has improved, and sales programming increased as well. As sales representatives are hitting more important company messaging points in the training, we’ve noticed that they’re repeating these points with customers.” 

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