“Onboarding is all about creating that safe space for people to make mistakes in that safe environment, as opposed to having that disaster happen for them. Our grads preferred to practice with [Second Nature’s] AI automation, because it was less pressured, and then they’re ready to go out and handle objections from the customer.”

Susan Greenberg,
Global Presales Readiness Lead, SAP


"Our managers love the insights they get from Jenny, so they can really focus on the things they need to focus on instead of just thinking their reps know how to sell something. You can almost ensure your sellers know exactly what you need them to know. ”

Michelle Dotson,
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, Zoom


“We were trying to roll out both an updated corporate messaging, as well as some products from a company that we had recently acquired. We rolled this out to almost 2000 people. It was a global rollout, so we needed to be able to scale. On average, their delivery improved 48% between their first practice and their best practice just within a matter of days.”

Tara Torkelson
Director of Content Development & Delivery, Sales Enablement, Twilio


"We get better-prepared people after an onboarding process, and we’ll be able to cut short the onboarding process, which means we’ll have more viable salespeople faster in the field, and that in itself is worth millions.”

Sagy Kratu,
Head of Training & Product positioning, Check Point


“Everyone hates certifications because it sounds like homework or final exams; but with Second Nature we completely gamified our certification process, and we have a 100% completion rate. 100%. Even we were amazed.”

Mike Fisher,
Enterprise Sales Productivity and Enablement, Zoom


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