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BY:  Elran Bor
August 16, 2022
Updated on October 6, 2022

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Tap into your salespeople’s competitive drive with our new leaderboards that keep trainees engaged with certification and training processes. These new, bold, beautiful leaderboards will get sellers’ friendly rivalry up and running.

See where each seller stands

Sellers and managers can access the new leaderboards from the Leaderboard section of their Second Nature account and immediately see where the people on their team and company stand relative to each other in terms of their scores on specific simulations.

Drive engagement

With the leaderboards, each seller can track their progress and compare their scores to the rest of their team and their company.

The leaderboards are dynamically updated in real time, so if someone doesn’t like their standing, they can hop onto another simulation and watch themselves fly up the boards.

In this way, the graphical leaderboards help push sellers to complete more practice sessions and engage more often with the AI conversation simulations.

Managers track progress

Besides helping encourage salespeople to complete more sales practice sessions, leaderboards also offer an easy, fast way for managers to keep an eye on their sellers. The head of sales, sales enablement manager, or VP sales can check in as the company owner and see which individuals (and in the next release, teams) are scoring the highest points in their simulations, helping them see who might need more help and support.

AI-powered sales training conversations are one of the best ways to help sellers improve their selling skills. Now Second Nature’s leaderboards make it even more fun for salespeople to pit their selling abilities against those of their colleagues, while offering an easy way to track progress and encourage friendly competition.

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