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BY:  Rebecca Herson
June 2, 2022
Updated on September 4, 2023

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Sales onboarding is an ongoing challenge for every organization, because it basically never ends. Whether your company is growing or simply has turnover among your sales team, the onboarding you need to do is nearly constant.

And let’s be honest, onboarding never really ends, it just transitions into everboarding. You need to run onboarding for existing salespeople every time you roll out a product update, add a new market, or change your messaging.

All of this adds up to a lot of pressure on sales enablement to ramp up onboarding. You want your salespeople to be able to complete it and get certified as quickly as possible, so they can start making sales and generating revenue, but you also want it to be effective, and it would be a bonus if they enjoy it and feel engaged too.

It might sound like a tall order, but we are here to help. We’ve produced the Ultimate Guide to Sales Onboarding, packed with tips, tricks, and tactics for making your onboarding fun, fast, and effective too.

How to prepare a successful onboarding program

Here are some tips to bear in mind if you want your onboarding to be a hit:

  • Know which content to prioritize during the first 2 weeks of active training
  • Build a “practice culture” which encourages your salespeople to own their onboarding experience
  • Ensure standardized scoring that makes it easy for everybody to track seller progress
  • Align your KPIs with business outcomes
  • Prepare for the long haul, because onboarding is never “one and done”

The KPIs you need for success

KPIs are gold when it comes to any strategic business endeavor, and that’s never more true than for onboarding.

Choosing the right KPIs to track can be the difference between an awesome onboarding program and one that’s mediocre, plus you need to align them with business outcomes, define your goals for each one, decide how you’ll track it, and determine what to do to improve the numbers if you’re half-way through and things aren’t going to plan.

Our ebook shines a light onto the challenging mission of setting, tracking, and refining both hard and soft KPIs, so that your onboarding program can be in a state of continuous improvement.

How to structure your onboarding program

Last but not least, you’ll find a practical guide to structuring your onboarding program. We share suggestions for each stage of the first 90 days, together with a full template that you download and use to simplify the planning process.

You’ll discover

  • When to schedule activities in relation to learning sessions
  • How to best help new hires master your sales tools
  • What to do to accustom new sales employees with what “good” looks like
  • and more.

Download the ebook today!

Download the Second Nature Ultimate Guide to Sales Onboarding ebook, and start elevating your onboarding program to new heights.

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