G2 recognizes Second Nature as a ‘high performer’ in AI-driven sales coaching

BY:  Rebecca Herson
September 23, 2021

Increasing sales is the goal of every business. And while there are many ways to boost sales expertise, coaching your salespeople has proven to be one of the most effective methods. But it can be difficult to provide the exact right type of coaching at the right time, especially for organizations that are growing quickly and need to onboard many new salespeople, or for companies that are changing their focus, or introducing new products or innovative features.

Enter AI-driven sales coaching, a new type of sales coaching software which enables scaling on a massive scale, while still maintaining a 1-to-1 approach for each sales rep. At Second Nature we are establishing our leadership in this area, and this is why we are so excited to have been recognized by G2, an online B2B review platform, as a top performer for Sales Coaching Software products in their Sales Coaching Grid Report.

“This recognition by G2 demonstrates validation by our customers, and it’s the direct result of the highly dedicated Second Nature team and our desire to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible with conversational AI,” said Ariel Hitron, Second Nature’s CEO and co-founder. Our commitment to excellent service is further underscored by the top-tier customers we work with, including Zoom, Check Point, and SAP.

Of course, Jenny, Second Nature’s AI sales coach, sits at the heart of what our solution offers. Jenny enables a completely new concept of practicing sales conversations between sales reps and conversational AI, allowing companies to use it as a way to scale up onboarding, certification, and sales coaching.

With Second Nature’s sales coaching software, sales managers can focus on what’s important, improving sales. The software engages with the salesperson, allowing them to practice on their own schedule and gives them feedback in real time while recording it for review later.

In addition to allowing companies maximize their sales coaching efforts, Second Nature’s sales coaching software makes it easy to set up a regular practice routine so that sales reps can stay on top of their game while also helping to drive their overall sales success.

With 72% of companies using an AI sales coach seeing an ROI within the first year of use, according to G2, it’s no wonder that many companies are turning to this type of revolutionary software.

And the fact is, people love practicing with Jenny.

Hearing from our customers in the reviews on G2 show just how much value users get from Second Nature’s sales coaching software. One reviewer had this to say:

“I love the detailed feedback and results after doing the simulation. It’s impressive that we now have AI technology that can give feedback on the way we speak and deliver pitches in such a short amount of time.”

It’s through the AI-driven, real-time responses that Jenny provides immediate feedback so that salespeople, including new reps, are able to acquire new habits for their sales calls.

“The nice thing about Second Nature is the data-set used to train the AI comes directly from top performers interacting with the AI — which guarantees clean data and accurate coaching and feedback from the AI. It really works as advertised! (which is rare in the world of AI),” another reviewer said.

If your company has a desire to try an AI-driven approach to sales coaching, check out Second Nature’s efficient sales coaching technology.

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