Second Nature Recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Conversation Intelligence for B2B Sales

BY:  Rebecca Herson
August 27, 2021

I’m extremely proud that Second Nature’s AI for Sales technology was recently recognized by Gartner as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Conversation Intelligence for B2B Sales. It’s an important milestone, in rolling out our vision of making sales teams more effective through technology. I’m deeply grateful to my Co-Founder and CTO, Alon Shalita, to our Head of Product Elran Bor and to the amazing Second Nature team that created Jenny, the AI Sales Coach.

We may be a cool vendor, but Jenny, she is really cool. As Jenny is an AI Software, she can train, coach and certify thousands of sales professionals in minutes. Jenny helps new sales hires achieve sales readiness and sales veterans keep sales readiness in front of an ever-changing environment. When people hear about Natural Language Understanding or Artificial intelligence it sounds sophisticated, and it is, but making sophisticated technology into an easy-to-use SaaS application that has real business impact is the real magic of Second Nature.

Our vision has always been to arm the Chief Revenue Office of the future with the tools to move fast and adapt to a fast-changing environment. Jenny allows the CRO to change course rapidly, train and coach better and get visibility to the team’s proficiency in real time. All without the labor of additional staff. The Gartner Cool Vendor recognition, along with our great clients: SAP, Check Point, Zoom, Lookout, Digital.AI, and others, demonstrates that our vision is attainable.

Sales readiness has hardly changed in the last two hundred years and we asked, “why not?!”. How many deals have been lost because a salesperson went into a meeting ill-prepared, couldn’t counter an objection, or simply didn’t know the product well enough to address the potential customer’s pain points. Curb side chats and after meeting call analysis are good tools, but why not train and coach salespeople before they get into a do or die situation? Taking a page from professional sports, we borrowed the idea of ‘safe practicing’ along with ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ with the mentorship of someone who knows how to sell, to give a salesperson the skills needed to go into a meeting with confidence, fully trained, and fully qualified to be there.

“Why do you need to be THAT prepared?” In the 80’s there was a common phrase heard among IT Managers, ‘Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.’ That isn’t true anymore. The internet has provided access to every solution from any company capable of creating a website. Even more than that, this abundance of easy to access information has put the decision-making power firmly in the hands of the customer. The clear majority of enterprise level purchase decisions are done before talking to a single salesperson. This now means that salespeople have less of a margin to make mistakes. This means more preparation, more confidence before the sale, and better tools to improve seller and customer conversations. The question now is “Who wants to improve sales velocity, pipeline, and sales outcomes?” The CSOs and CROs that say yes to investing in conversation intelligence technology are the ones that will win.

For more information on how Second Nature might be able to help your company, please visit our website and connect with me on LinkedIn. I’d love to hear about how you’re coaching your sales teams, the challenges, and successes that you’re having!


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Rebecca Herson

Rebecca is head of marketing at Second Nature.

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