How is AI Changing the Sales Game?

BY:  Miles Croft
February 21, 2023
Updated on July 6, 2023

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There’s a lot of talk about AI at the moment; both good and bad.

Some say the technology will be the making of us and some say it will destroy us. But before we enter either paradise or the apocalypse… we’ve got our own sales targets to hit and commission to make! So, let’s focus on that for now, shall we?

AI within the Sales Industry is changing everything and those that choose to ignore that fact will be left behind. They’ll be the same as Blockbuster when they chose to ignore streaming services and the same Kodak when they chose to ignore digital cameras… I think we all know how those stories end!

So don’t close your curtains, lock your front door, and turn out the lights. This is an exciting development that can change our lives for the better. Embrace the change and learn how you can use it to your advantage rather than fear that you’ll be replaced and deemed redundant.

Business is often comparable to natural world. It’s a jungle out there and Sales is a sector in which ‘survival of the fittest’ is the most relevant. You need to keep adapting and improving if you want to keep surviving… and even more so if you want to keep thriving!

How to utilize AI for sales to stay ahead of the game

Your competition is using AI and, as a result, they are thriving. They may be using it for writing social media content, writing cold email content, managing their time effectively or even using AI sales training software. To make it worse… they can do all of that simultaneously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Revolutionize Your Sales Training

How can you compete with that?!

The answer is to adapt with them or, better yet, faster than them!

Don’t sack everyone, download a few AI tools, and expect to run a business while you sleep. Human intervention is still an essential part of the process and new skills are already emerging in being able to focus AI tools exactly as required.

Content written by AI needs proof-reading and adjusting, but it’s 90% there.

Reading incoming emails and categorising the ‘urgent’ from the ‘important’ still needs a second look, to ensure nothing is misunderstood and therefore lost.

Cold emails need the extra human ‘flair’ added to save the recipient from the standard and yawn-inducing openers like “I hope this finds you well”.

How to multiply your existing resources with AI

What you can do right now is effectively multiply your existing resources to help them become as effective as entire teams, crushing your competition as a result.

  • Multiply your Copywriter by getting AI to help write engaging social media posts, blogs, and website content in minutes
  • Multiply your Salespeople by getting AI to write their cold emails, come up with creative cold-calling scripts and help them manage their time
  • Multiply your Sales Trainers by getting AI to both; train your Sales Team on how to overcome objections, undertake effective cold calls, ask great questions, and so on, and practice, those news skills in real-time with an AI-generated ‘prospect’ that doesn’t judge, doesn’t hang up on you and doesn’t cost you a lead!
  • Multiply your Sales Assistants/Supports by getting AI to advise on time management, categorize incoming emails into ‘urgent’ and ‘important’, reply to simple information requests, and more

These tools and skills are going to become a part of everyday business life and the sooner we accept that, the more we’ll benefit from them.

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