Roll out new stories

Get into the heads of your

Gain bottom-up inputs
from the field


“By relying on Second Nature’s Jenny to conduct role-play exercises, sales leaders can accelerate the rolling out of critical go-to-market changes across a hybrid workforce.”

Dan Gottlieb


Improve Message

Improve Objection

Gain Sales

Roll out new messages
in a way that really works

By practicing with Jenny, every new message, new product, new feature, new whatever, becomes like second nature to the sales team. You can measure exactly how deeply they’ve absorbed the new messages by keeping track of scores by sales rep, team, or region.

96% of salespeople agree
that sales coaching improves
seller performance

A practice bot for every target market and persona

You know the value in differentiated messaging for leads in different roles and verticals, but do your sales employees? Use Jenny’s unlimited patience to train sellers in the messaging nuance they need for each type of lead.

Sharpen your insight into sales conversation needs

Effortlessly collect feedback from sales employees about authentic sales conversations to gain visibility into what your salespeople are up against. Improve your understanding of the cadence and rhythm of conversations so you can refine messaging to match the challenges and objections that sales employees have to overcome.

Actualize the consistent
messaging of your dreams

No more frustration that the messaging you slaved over has been abandoned by the wayside. When sales employees train with Second Nature’s Jenny, you can make sure that the differentiated messaging that you created gets heard by every lead.

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