New Template Library: Tap Into Sales Training Best Practices Quickly

BY:  Elran Bor
June 23, 2022
Updated on May 13, 2024

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In today’s rapidly changing sales landscape, your training courses need to match your organization’s updated needs. Sales enablement and L&D managers are often called upon to roll out new courses for a company message refresh, to launch a new product, or update sales onboarding practices. Our self-serve editor makes it quick and simple to create new AI-driven role play experiences, but now our new template library makes the process even better and faster.

Just as a reminder, with our team of AI prospects, salespeople can practice sales conversations and gain consistent, timely feedback that helps them improve. This helps sellers polish their skills and gain confidence before entering a real world sales situation, so they can ace every call.

Use sales training best practices to your advantage

Second Nature’s new template library shortens the course-creation process, and offers sales enablement and L&D the opportunity to learn from other organizations that have already created similar courses before.

Although product details and value propositions vary from one company to the next, every salesperson needs to be able to deal with the similar types of sales conversations, like elevator pitches, objection handling, competitor analysis and differentiation, and so on.

Our templates implement sales training best practices from scores of companies that have already walked this road, so you can benefit from their cumulative knowledge instead of starting the course creation process each time from scratch.

sales ai training

Build new sales training simulations from well-thought-out existing ones

The new template library is built into the course editor. Just click “create new course,” select the template of the course you’d like to create, like an elevator pitch, objection handling practice, telling a customer success story, or carrying out a competitor analysis, and hit “Select template.”

Now all you need to do is customize the details like your company details, messaging, product names or competitor names. The structure, talking points, and topics of the training program are all there, ready and waiting for you to tweak according to your company’s specifications.

For example, the template for presenting your company with a sales deck includes background information, a place to upload your deck, and question prompts like “What can [your company] do for ACME corporation?” and “I’m considering several vendors, why should I do business with you? What makes you better than your competitors?” These can be used as is or edited to meet your company’s needs.

The template for objection handling lets you select which objections your salespeople are most likely to hear and the best way to overcome them.

Raise the level of your sales training, quickly

AI-powered role play buddies are the best way to help salespeople strengthen their sales conversations, and now it’s even faster and easier to update the AI sales training courses. The new template library saves time and effort for sales enablement and L&D professionals while opening up access to the sales training best practices that can make the learning experience even better.

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