AI Role Playing that
sets you up for success

Sales training for anyone anytime anywhere

Learning with AI

Review materials, watch videos, converse with AI

AI Sales Training

Personalized feedback & guidance

Sales Certifications

Engage your whole team with gamification

Onboard Your
Sales Team

Get new reps up to speed faster &more effectively

Improve Team Performance
with our conversational AI Sales Training

Salespeople can practice whenever and wherever they want in a safe space for learning making mistakes and improving.

Jenny tracks the information reps were able to discover how deeply did they cover the key topics, and how they answered objections and questions. Jenny also gives real time feedback and guidance to help sales reps improve.

Built-in LMS
or Integrate with Yours

Use the built-in Learning Management System to set up courses with videos and other sales enablement materials and assign tasks to reps. Or, integrate with your LMS and let Jenny handle the simulations and certifications after each learning unit.

Advance your
Sales Training with
Reports and Analytics

Built-in reports for reps and managers cover soft skills like presentation style and hard skills like specific product and playbook knowledge. Sales managers can zero in on exactly where their reps need to improve with 1-on-1 attention.

Engage your Sales
Team with Gamification

Use Jenny to deliver gamified challenges and interactive training experiences that stimulate your sales team to exercise their selling muscles. Appealing charts and leaderboards track user progress also appeal to their competitive spirit and encourages them to keep trying.

Personalized AI-based
evaluation makes
Sales Certifications Fun

Put an end to chasing people to complete their certifications. Practicing with Jenny makes sales training into something that sales teams enjoy. Build your sales training program, then sit back and watch as sales reps practice sales conversations till they get that perfect score.

AI Sales Training Simulation Types

Depending on the type of simulation you want to run, various modules are available.

Video Call Simulation
Jenny enables your salespeople to practice sales conversations in video calls before they’re put on the spot. Video call simulations give sellers the confidence to lead a real video call with confidence and fluency.
Slide Presentation Simulation
Ensure all your salespeople can fluently present your corporate deck. Reps upload the deck and present it to Jenny, discover information, and have Jenny ask them questions and give immediate feedback.
Pitch Recording
In just five seconds of setup, salespeople can record their pitches and submit to their managers. AI gives immediate feedback and automated scoring on soft skills. Built-in flow for manager review and feedback.
Product Demo / Screen Share Simulation
Make sure all salespeople, including sales engineers, can deliver the product demo. They walk through a screen share demo and get interactive feedback from Jenny.
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