Experiential Learning

Review materials, watch videos, simulations with AI

AI Coaching

Personalized feedback
& guidance


Personalized feedback
& guidance


Get new reps up to speed
faster & more effectively

Immersive simulation

Salespeople can practice whenever and wherever they want, in a safe space for learning, making mistakes and improving. Jenny tracks the information reps were able to discover, how deeply did they cover the key topics, and how they answered objections and questions. Jenny also gives real time feedback and guidance to help reps improve.

Built-in LMS or Integrate with Yours

Use the built-in Learning Management System to set up courses with videos and other sales enablement materials, and assign tasks to reps. Or, integrate with your LMS and let Jenny handle the simulations and certifications after each unit.

Win Now with Reports & Analytics

Built-in reports for reps and managers cover soft skills like presentation style and hard skills like specific product and playbook knowledge. Managers can zero in on exactly where their reps need to improve 1-on-1 attention.

Engage your Team with Gamification

Set up organization-wide competitions and let Jenny score everyone impartially using her AI. The novelty and inherent fairness increases overall participation and completion rates. Leaderboards motivate reps to keep practicing so they can ace every sales conversation.

Certification can be fun

Certification becomes a fun activity where reps simply converse with Jenny. Jenny can give them a passing or failing grade.

Simulation Types

Depending on the type of simulation you want to run, various modules are available.