Welcome to this brief introduction to the features and functionalities of Second Nature’s sales conversation simulator, the solution allows you to scale up your sales team’s proficiency with AI coaching. In this series of short videos we will walk you through how people typically use Second Nature.


1: Introduction to Second Nature (5 min)

You’ll learn about the formats of sales simulations that can be done using Second Nature.

2: Types of simulations (1 min)

You’ll learn about the different types of simulation types that most companies maintain in their simulation library, such as competitive differentiation, product demo, discovery calls, etc.

3: Demo Walkthrough (12 min)

A walkthrough of a quick sales simulation with Jenny, the AI coach.

4: Demo with slides (5 min)

Another sales simulation, this time showing slides to Jenny, the AI coach.

5: Individual report and analytics (5 min)

You’ll see the reports and feedback that each salesperson gets for every simulations that they do.

6: Aggregate Reporting (6 min)

You’ll see the reports that managers have access to, to learn about their team’s sales readiness, and pinpoint where to help them improve.

7: Intro to setting up a simulation (5 min)

You’ll learn the three easy steps to creating a simulation from scratch.

8: Creating a course (12 min)

You’ll see a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up a course.

9: Intro to the survey tool (2 min)

Every sales simulation can include a survey at the end, to gather feedback from salespeople and gauge engagement and satisfaction levels.

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