Onboarding From Start to Finish: The SEC Onboarding Playbook

Enablement professionals know it – one of the function’s main responsibilities is onboarding. And yet, it remains a major challenge even today. Why struggle with short, unclear checklist templates, when you can get our playbook – packed with real, actionable advice from onboarding experts.

We worked with our partners at Sales Enablement Collective and other expert onboarding professionals, and their knowledge – built up from years of experience – is the cornerstone of this playbook.

Inside our comprehensive playbook, you’ll find:

  • The definition of onboarding, and why doing it right matters
  • Where to start: the steps to take when designing an iterable onboarding program
  • How to implement your program and make the onboarding process stick
  • What to do to keep your program fresh and effective
  • Countless bite-sized tips from onboarding experts who’ve worked with us

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