Create sales coaching simulations quickly & easily with new editor

BY:  Elran Bor
July 27, 2021

We are excited to share that there is a new editor in the Second Nature app! You now have an easy wizard that streamlines the course creation process for you. Simply choose the title, description, and decide if you want the course to be built around webcam practice or an interactive simulation with Jenny, our AI bot. You can also customize the course content by uploading any kind of collateral. You can even add interactive surveys, to get feedback from participants.

Jenny automatically learns from your sellers sales coaching simulations

Once you have built the course, publish it so that people at your company can start practicing with Jenny. At first, Jenny will be in ‘learning mode,’ which means that as soon as people start practicing with her, she will start to learn from them what constitutes a good answer.

As soon as Jenny is proficient and has ‘learned’ from enough sessions, she will automatically leave learning mode, and start giving scores after each session. She will also retroactively score the sessions of the people who trained her (although we know they did well, that’s why they were asked to train her in the first place 😉). Click here to try it for yourself.

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