Results of the 2021 Sales Coaching Survey are In!

BY:  Rebecca Herson
April 29, 2021

We talk to many, many sales and sales enablement leaders about the sales coaching in their organizations. Besides their burning desire to practice sales role plays with Second Nature as often as they can (see what I did there? 🙂 ), they often ask us how other companies are doing things, and we are happy to share non-proprietary information when we can.

But we wanted to get a broader sense of what companies are doing with their sales coaching, and answer some more philosophical questions like, are salespeople getting enough coaching? Is coaching helping them accomplish their goals? How is sales coaching impacting salespeople’s relationships with customers? Their confidence levels? Their sales success?

So we collected data from 100 sales leaders, individual salespeople, sales enablement and marketing people from mostly B2B companies.

We found some really interesting results, for example:

  • 96% of sales, sales enablement and marketing professionals surveyed agree or strongly agree that the right sales coaching can make a significant difference in performance
  • 64% of sales, sales enablement and marketing professionals think salespeople need MORE coaching overall
  • Lack of time, coaching knowledge & the right coaching tools are the top three obstacles to sales coaching in enterprises today
  • Sales people and sales enablement personnel disagree about how much sales coaching is actually taking place

This is just a taste of the valuable insights from the survey; there’s lots more where that came from, along with nearly a dozen graphs and figures breaking it all down for you.

I encourage you to download the ebook for the full picture of the impact of sales coaching in the enterprise.

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