New Feature: See the “Top Performer” Video When You Need It Most

BY:  Rebecca Herson
April 26, 2021

Jenny has a new way to coach salespeople

Second Nature’s AI-driven sales coaching software has a cool new feature that we wanted to share with you.

While practicing a sales simulation with Jenny, your AI practice partner, she always gives you feedback on how you did and where you can improve. Now, she will offer you a video to watch of a top performer presenting that topic, so that you can learn and improve.

How The “Top Performer” Video Works

At the end of the simulation, Jenny will select a talking point that you didn’t cover, or received the lowest score on, and will ask you:

“I see you didn’t talk about [such & such topic], would you like to see how a top performer covers it?”

When the salesperson answers “sure,” or “OK,” or “yes,” or…you get the idea 😉 then the video opens and the salesperson can watch a real example of how to cover that topic.

Get Another Chance to Nail The Talking Point

After the video, Jenny asks them, “are you ready to try again now that you saw how to cover this talking point?”

Assuming the salesperson answers in the affirmative, the simulation will restart, giving them an opportunity to re-do it and nail that talking point.


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Rebecca is head of marketing at Second Nature.

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