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“Everyone hates certifications because it sounds like homework or final exams; but with Second Nature we completely gamified our certification process, and we have a 100% completion rate. 100%. Even we were amazed.”

Mike Fisher, Enterprise Sales
Productivity and Enablement, Zoom


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Expand your sales enablement team with Jenny

Jenny is your sales team’s virtual sales coach. Sellers practice role plays with different customer personas. In a short time, Jenny becomes a real part of your team. Your sellers will request to work with Jenny.

95% of salespeople prefer interactive roleplays with Second Nature to other forms of training or certification like one-on-one roleplays, webcam recordings, or quizzes.

The LMS you need

Build and edit your own courses, giving salespeople the opportunity to practice conversations together with video, slide decks, product demos or just simple webcam recordings. Sellers get quick, consumable lessons that they can practice whenever they want, as often as they want.

Collect sales knowledge straight
from the field

Your top salespeople train Jenny on your company’s key messages simply by having a quick conversation with her. It’s painless to collect the content you need from your subject matter experts.

Track your sales enablement
teams’ engagement and adoption

Gain total visibility into how many sales reps are knowledgeable about each topic, and who is ready to hit the ground running. You’ll also know how engaged your sellers are with the coaching system with its built-in surveys.

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