Improve Sales Team Performance with Second Nature

Improve your bottom
line sales performance

Evaluate sales reps more
efficiently and accurately

Increase consistency
across the sales team


“Our managers love the insights they get from Jenny, so they can really focus on the things they need to focus on instead of just thinking their reps know how to sell something. You can almost ensure your sellers know exactly what you need them to know. ”

Michelle Dotson,
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, Zoom


“Onboarding is all about creating that safe space for people to make mistakes in that safe environment, as opposed to having that disaster happen for them. Our grads preferred to practice with [Second Nature’s] AI automation, because it was less pressured, and then they’re ready to go out and handle objections from the customer.”

Susan Greenberg,
Global Presales Readiness Lead, SAP


“Everyone hates certifications because it sounds like homework or final exams; but with Second Nature we completely gamified our certification process, and we have a 100% completion rate. 100%. Even we were amazed.”

Mike Fisher,
Enterprise Sales Productivity and Enablement, Zoom


"We get better-prepared people after an onboarding process, and we’ll be able to cut short the onboarding process, which means we’ll have more viable salespeople faster in the field, and that in itself is worth millions.”

Sagy Kratu,
Head of Training & Product positioning, Check Point


Open more Sales Opportunities

Improve rep Performance

Upgrade quality of Sales

Improve your sales performance and effortlessly blast through quotas

Personalize your sales team’s training with Jenny and get consistent, objective AI-based evaluation that improves seller confidence and sales team performance. Expand the number and size of deals in the pipeline, and ultimately elevate your bottom line.

46% of Second Nature users
saw more deals in their pipeline
after AI sales training with Jenny

Gain visibility into
sales team proficiency

Unlock a whole new level of sales coaching when you know exactly what’s going on with every member of every team. Understand what’s holding a team back or helping them to fly, so you can correct what’s not working and replicate what is.

Free up sales manager time
for other tasks

Hand the evaluating and sales coaching heavy lifting over to Jenny, so you can spend time on other high value tasks, and focus your 1-on-1 coaching more effectively.

Improve sales performance by targeted sales training for each rep

Address which topics and skills need to be improved using Jenny’s objective AI evaluation. Your sales coaching becomes more accurate and effective when you know which issues to cover and where to direct your time, which ultimately helps improve sales performance.

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