New for Q4 2022: Salesforce Integration, Team Leaderboards, Customer Scorecards, and SME Learning Flow

BY:  Elran Bor
December 12, 2022
Updated on August 7, 2023

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Second Nature just keeps on getting better! Here are four new features that make it even easier for sales enablement folks to roll out engaging sales training, and even more enjoyable for sellers to complete.

“Just in time” learning with Salesforce Our Salesforce integration was launched last quarter, and now we’ve added the new feature of “just in time” coaching.

Get your sales reps ready before each prospect meeting with recommended courses in the Salesforce Opportunity tab. These tie specific practice sessions with upcoming meetings, such as by enabling sales reps to rehearse how to handle objections or to quickly review the newest features of the product they are selling to that prospect.
By rehearsing skills and brushing up on content and best practices at the right time, salespeople go into sales conversations feeling confident, with all the information at their fingertips. They’ll be ready to rock the call, bringing higher win rates, boosted sales, and expanded revenues.

Gamified team leaderboards for healthy, transparent competition

You’re probably already familiar with our individual leaderboard. Now we’ve launched a similar option for teams: team leaderboards that are dynamically updated to reflect changing circumstances

The new team leaderboards gamify the sales training experience with advanced boards for every course. Salespeople can compare their team’s performance to rival teams; team leaders can track the progress of the team as a whole; and sales executives can view relative performance and progress between teams on a company-wide level.

SME answer collection saves AI training time

Instead of requiring SMEs to test drive an entire course from start to finish, the new SME Answer Collection makes it simpler and faster for SMEs to capture their knowledge into the training course format. This helps sales enablement to finetune the training sessions and roll them out more quickly.

By giving access to SMEs through their choice of modes (text input, video, etc.), this feature serves as an easier, swifter way to collect data and train the AI model, reducing hassle for SMEs and saving time for sales enablement teams. Contact your customer care representative to turn this feature on for your company.

Customized scorecards for happier sales managers

While Second Nature offers timely, automated feedback for any course, it also allows managers to give their own scores to their team members. Until now, scores could be registered manually for both knowledge and style, and the new customized scorecards feature expands this capability significantly.

Managers who have edit access to the Second Nature system can create their own unique scorecards for their courses, whichever fields they desire, or select from pre-defined templates, and set how much each field is weighted into the total score. Managers can set items and weights for each course individually, depending on the skills they most want to refine. For example, did the trainee speak about customer case studies? Did they successfully detail the company story? How well did they perform at maintaining eye contact?

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