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BY:  Elran Bor
September 21, 2022
Updated on June 20, 2023

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Salespeople can now use Second Nature right from where they “live” – Directly within Salesforce! In our new Salesforce integration, you can access all the features and functionalities of Second Nature from your Salesforce. Sellers, sales managers and sales enablement folks can save time and energy switching between platforms, and keep everything in one place.

Salespeople can schedule a time to practice with Jenny or any of our AI-powered role play partners, complete a simulated sales call or pitch, and check their performance dashboard for recent scores and to track progress against the rest of the team, all directly within Salesforce.

Integrated data

Thanks to this new integration, sales managers, sales enablement personnel, and other sales leaders can observe Salesforce sales data and Second Nature data in the same place. Also, coming soon, you will be able to run the same customized Second Nature reports within Salesforce and combine metrics from both platforms into a single report or dashboard.

The integrated data will allow sales managers to track their team’s sales performance against the number of practices completed, average scores, or level of improvement across the team. This will offer another insight into changes in the team’s success (or otherwise) in hitting their quotas.

For example, a manager might see that their team isn’t on track to hit quota this quarter, and also notice that Second Nature’s data shows that many of the team have fallen behind in their training sessions or that average scores have slipped. This gives managers better insight into how to address sliding sales figures, and they can suggest the right practice to increase results.

Tie training goals to revenue goals

Sales enablement and L&D personnel are constantly searching for better ways to prove ROI on sales training. Second Nature’s new Salesforce integration helps close this loop.

Now you can build a customized Salesforce dashboard that brings training data from Second Nature together with revenue figures from Salesforce, enabling you to plot progress towards both revenue goals and training goals in the same location.

In a similar vein, integrated data lets you plot a new hire’s ramp time from Salesforce against the training they’ve completed in Second Nature, so you can see how quickly they are onboarding and track which trainings had the biggest impact.

Make the “call before the call”

In an ideal world, every seller will be thoroughly proficient in holding every kind of sales conversation at the drop of the hat. In the real world, though, every person can benefit from some practice.

As part of Second Nature’s Salesforce integration, the Opportunity tab will include suggestions for “just in time” learning, so the salesperson can come to the call itself fully prepared.
For example, if a sales representative is about to talk to the CFO of a company, the Opportunity tab will push a Second Nature practice session which simulates talking with a CFO. The seller can practice responding to objections and questions in advance, so when they have a genuine conversation a few hours later, they have every answer at their fingertips.

There are many points in the pipeline when a salesperson might appreciate a brief refresher, whether that’s brushing up on the finer details of a product they don’t sell very often, or rehearsing the best tone when talking to a specific buyer. The new integration helps each seller feel proficient and competent in every situation.

Second Nature and Salesforce: Stronger Together

Salesforce and Second Nature are both powerful tools that help enterprises make more sales. The new Second Nature Salesforce integration brings them to work together in a way that opens up visibility into seller progress, yokes revenue to training goals, empowers sellers to take on any sales call, and turbo-charges your sales pipelines. Coming soon to the AppExchange!

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