Innovative Sales Enablement Software

Second Nature AI sales coaching software provides interactive role plays with "virtual customers," letting your sales people practice conversations and get constructive feedback in real time.


Improve Sales Conversations

  • Onboard New Reps Quickly and Consistently
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Built-in LMS or Integrate With Yours
  • Certification Through Conversational AI
  • Simulated Sales Conversations With Immediate Feedback
  • Reports & Analytics on Presentation Style & Content Gamification

Coach Your Sales Managers for Focused Conversations

  • Scale Up Sales Coaching for Remote & Distributed Teams

    Use our virtual sales coach to onboard and train sellers faster.

  • Roll Out Company Messages Consistently

    Keep your entire team up to speed with new products, markets, and strategies quickly.

  • Drive Measurable Sales Results

    Enable quicker sales cycles with Second Nature AI and increase revenue per rep.

"Jenny from Second Nature helps us have conversations, certify competency on product...and she's providing tailored feedback to the reps as they go through these exercises. Jenny is asking questions, she is actually having a conversation, she is listening, knows what the reps should be talking about, the key points."

Michelle Dotson Head of Sales Enablement, Zoom

Create Sales Coaching Programs at Scale

Turn all your reps into top performers quickly and track their progress over time. Zero in quickly on trouble spots and help reps overcome them.


See Second Nature in Action