Two-Way Sales Training Conversations Become More Accessible with Second Nature’s Self-Service Editor

BY:  Elran Bor
August 24, 2022
Updated on June 20, 2023

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Sales discovery calls don’t come naturally to every sales person. In fact, it can take a lot of practice to learn how to be quiet, how to listen to answers, and how to phrase a follow-up question, but rehearsing these capabilities requires a knowledgeable practice partner.

We’ve recently added a new feature to our course editor: self-service AI Answering. This new tool allows course creators to quickly and easily build their own AI-powered simulation that’s completely prepared to answer relevant questions posed by sales trainees to the AI.

A faster way to a role play partner

With the new AI Answering feature, sales enablement and L&D personnel can train and test a sales training simulation in-house. Simply enter examples of the questions that sellers should ask prospects during the session, together with the “good answers” that the simulation should deliver to each query. It’s best to enter at least 5-10 question-and-answer pairs, so that the AI has enough information to draw on.

The AI can recognize a question even if the trainee uses different wording, and provides the correct answer. For example, if you type in the question “How many sales representatives do you have?” and the answer “250”, the AI will give the right response even if the trainee asks “What size is your sales department?”

After you’ve done the groundwork by entering enough questions and matching answers, you can test that it’s working in our test mode. Pose various questions using different wordings. The AI will provide a few different possible answers, and you simply check the box to indicate which answer(s) are “good”, which helps train the AI.

Once you’re happy with the answers that the simulation provides, it’s time to make the session “live” and share it with your salespeople.

Sales discovery skills don’t exist in a vacuum

Selling is a muscle that gets stronger the more you flex it, but it can be tough to give sellers the opportunity to work that muscle without throwing them into real discovery and sales situations. The new AI Answering editor helps you build a fully-equipped sales discovery gym for your sales teams, complete with workout tools for every seller type, without breaking a sweat.

With faster rollout, you can develop realistic role play simulations for every sales situation, because it can all be carried out in house and in time. Second Nature lets you broaden your library of sales training sessions and help your sellers get the practice they need to enter sales calls with confidence and capability.

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