How to become a Sales Superhero using AI

BY:  Miles Croft
March 7, 2023
Updated on July 6, 2023

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If you were bitten by a radioactive Salesperson… what would your Superhero name be?

  •  Wonder Saleswoman?
  •  Sale Superman?
  • The Super Seller?
  •  Captain Closer?
  • Professor Pipeline?!

Then, what would your superpowers be?

  • Could you write LinkedIn posts super-fast?
  • Would you have a limitless mind for cold call openers?
  • Have you got the ability to impersonate your prospects; so your teammates can practice their cold calls with you?
  • Or, could you be in multiple places at once? Allowing you to send emails out, sort emails coming in, post on socials, come up with new calling scripts and meet customers all at exactly the same time!

Well, the worst-kept-secret of 2023 is that you can be that superhero. It’s possible to have all of those super powers simply by using a handful of the AI tools available and on the market today.

AI is making Salespeople super-human by giving them skills they don’t possess, completing tasks they don’t want to do, speeding up their processes from hours to seconds, and by putting them in more than one place at the same time.

Gone are the days of needing a Copywriter, a Social Media Manager, a Sales Trainer, a Personal Assistant, a Sales Support, and more, to have a highly effective Sales Team. Now, one Salesperson can fill all those roles and still have time to do the job they’ve been hired to do… SELL!

Boost Your Sales Results Today

They can use AI to:

  • Write their social media posts
  • Queue those posts to go out at the most effective time based on previous data
  • Write their cold emails
  • Queue those emails to go out at the most effective time based on previous data
  • Write a cold call script
  • Provide training on how to cold call effectively
  • Provide training on how to overcome sales objections
  • Provide training on how to close opportunities
  • Rehearse sales interactions and opportunities to embed that training
  • Suggest next steps for dying sales opportunities
  • Organize their day
  • … and a lot more

You name it… and there are good odds to say that it’s possible!

But just removing or reducing task workloads isn’t the only advantage. What are you going to spend your time on once you’ve taken those out of your ‘to-do list’? Are you going to clock off early, have an extra-long lunch or catch up on some very important TikTok’s?

Of course not! Once those tasks have been taken off your ‘to-do list’ then you can focus on the things that AI cannot do but are crucial to success in Sales. Things like:

  • Meeting your customers and building meaningful relationships
  • Networking to build new connections
  • Uncovering emotional motivators connected to your customer’s pain points
  • Planning your strategy for the year ahead
  • Developing yourself through training, reading, watching eLearning videos, and spending time on online forums/groups

I’ve personally used these AI tools to do exactly as I’ve discussed here and I know numerous highly successful salespeople that are doing the same. Their sales performance has gone through the roof, and their stress levels have gone through the floor, what’s not to like?!

So – AI is not a replacement… it’s not another Superhero or even a Supervillain! It’s the best Sidekick a Superhero could ask for.

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