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Get your sales teams selling better and faster

No more wasting hundreds of hours reviewing sales
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Thousands of sales reps are already highly engaged with
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let’s role play.

Sellers simulate real-world voice conversations with Jenny or our other AI personalities that act like the chosen target prospect. After each session, sellers get scored on their performance. They can review the feedback, rinse and repeat the simulations until they achieve their personal best.

Practice your Sales Skills without pressure.

Sales professionals get as much practice time as they need, in a safe,
judgement-free zone. They love being coached by Jenny, because…

Jenny is patient

Salespeople can practice as
many times as they want, going
through real-life scenarios until they
are ready to ace it in the field!

Jenny is objective

She scores everyone’s performance
on the same baseline and provides
useful feedback, with no judgement.

Jenny is always available.

Jenny is there for your salespeople
24/7, no matter what timezone.

Get scored. Get feedback.
Improve your Sales Skills Each Time.

Sellers’ performance is scored based on:


Do your salespeople cover all bases?

Jenny evaluates if your reps know their stuff and ensure they’re all aligned on the latest and greatest story, product features, deck, product demo and more.


Do your salespeople know how to speak to prospects?

Jenny evaluates your reps on their style, covering clarity, pace, use of filler words, average sentence length, energy level, number of questions asked, talk ratio between seller and the prospect, and much more.

What can we say?
Sellers love our sales training software.

“Since using Second Nature,
we’ve seen a dramatic increase
in sales performance.“

Susan Greenberg,
Global Presales Readiness Lead, SAP

"Our managers love the insights they get from Jenny."

Michelle Dotson,
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, Zoom

"It's like talking to a mirror but the mirror talks back."


Sales engineer,
Palo Alto, CA

"It provides a better learning environment than the old webcam method."


Channel Manager,
Chicago, IL

"We completely gamified our certification process, and we have a 100% completion rate."

Mike Fisher,
Enterprise Sales Productivity and Enablement, Zoom

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Get an Overview of your Sales Team
in the Blink of an Eye

Use the scores to take charge months before sales numbers dive south. Identify product knowledge gaps for each rep in real time. Easily identify who needs more support, and who’s got it covered.


Design your
own sales

Sales enablement can use a quick wizard to input what you want Jenny to know and say. Open-ended or structured questions, persona-based or problem-based? Easily build the simulated experience. Then your top salespeople train the AI simply by doing what they do: selling. If your reps can sell it to Jenny, they can sell it to a customer.

Select the AI role play partners for your sellers

Our diverse team of AI prospects is ready to practice whenever they are, and can play any persona.