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Let’s face it, your sales managers don’t have the time (or desire) to review hours of recorded sales conversations or role play for 1:1 coaching. And ad hoc listening to pipeline calls focuses only on that specific opportunity. Sales coaching software gives your sales team the boost it needs.

Turn Sales Coaching into Your
New Superpower

It’s time to get systematic about sales coaching, and now you can. Our AI-driven sales coaching software reminds your reps about points they didn’t cover, challenges them with hardball questions, and gives them feedback in real time, so they can improve on their own. And managers get real-time visibility into each team member’s performance, and as a result can tailor subsequent coaching programs.


Nancy Nardin Selects Second Nature as Top Sales Tool of 2021

We are thrilled to have been selected by Nancy Nardin as a Top Sales Tool of 2021!

Results of the 2021 Sales Coaching Survey are In!

We surveyed 100 sales leaders, individual salespeople, sales enablement and marketing people to learn how they are doing sales coaching. Click to see the results!


Second Nature

for Yourself

Coach, train and certify

your sales teams faster & better

The platform your sales team needs to adapt quickly and keep winning
Onboard new reps
Accelerate your onboarding to get to revenue faster
Roll out new products, messages
Ramp up knowledge quickly for new products, new target markets, new strategies
Ensure consistency across teams
All of your sales reps, engineers, marketing, product, account execs, etc. will be singing the same song
Continuous improvement
Hone each rep’s strengths and polish weaknesses, adding new techniques to each one’s repertoire

Sales Reps Love

Second Nature

When given the opportunity to choose between Second Nature and regular webcam recordings, the vast majority of reps prefer Second Nature’s sales coaching software, since it gives them immediate feedback and helps them improve. Reps who attempt the same training more than once show measurable progress.
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Improvement over 4 sessions
0 %
Prefer Second Nature
0 %
Higher win rates

In Reps’ Own Words

Who needs Second Nature?

Sales Reps
Practice sales conversations in a safe, private environment. Get real time feedback and hints from the sales simulator and see how top reps do it. Expand your sales portfolio and blast through your quota.
Turn all your reps into top performers quickly and track their progress over time, without spending hours reviewing session recordings and coaching 1-on-1.
Create consistency, standardization and track improvement. Rollout new offerings and messages faster. Increase revenue per rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple. For general sales skills, our off-the-shelf training sessions are ready for you right now. You can even try a sample here. For interactive training sessions customized to your products, simply use our online self-service editor that leverages best practices from Fortune 100 companies, and upload your key messages and talking points. We can also set it up for you as a service if you prefer.

No, the whole solution is Software-as-a-Service so you do not need to install any software locally. Second Nature’s sales coaching software runs in a regular Web browser.

There is a place for both. Just like a professional athlete doesn’t go into the game without having practiced first, Second Nature’s sales coaching software is designed to offer a safe, supportive environment for practicing, so that all the right phrases get embedded in reps’ muscle memory. Reps can practice as often as it takes to achieve excellence. We have found that this is the best way to build a championship team, and ensure that the next live sales call with a real customer will help you win the business.

Many companies use recorded customer calls to onboard new reps or train their existing reps, but listening to someone else is completely different than practicing yourself, with feedback from our virtual pitch partner. Also, while it may be easy to collect recorded calls from the top of the sales funnel, bottom of the funnel calls may be harder to come by – wouldn’t you rather have your team practice them with thoroughly before coming up against these more complex scenarios in real life?


Second Nature

How to Replicate a Star Salesperson?

Hi, we are Ariel Hitron and Alon Shalita, founders of Second Nature. We’ve both experienced how hard it is to keep sales teams at tech companies performing at their best. New products and messages are constantly being introduced, new reps need to be onboarded, and as much as we’d love to replicate our star salesperson, it is nearly impossible.

Talking to Devices

At the same time, we have all gotten much more comfortable speaking directly to our devices (Siri, Alexa and Google Home anyone?), and AI technology has come so far that conversational AI can be trained to have an actual discussion with a human being.

Conversational AI is the Answer

So we decided to apply this conversational technology in a new sales simulator, to help people in customer-facing roles, to make talking about your products as easy as ahem 😉 a second nature. Second Nature is funded by StageOne and Cardumen Capital and has offices in Tel Aviv and New York.

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