Conversational AI in education: Deliver innovative educational experiences

Engage faculty and students with meaningful learning opportunities using AI learning tools that drive engagement, motivation, and material retention.

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  • 46% Higher closing rates
  • 45% Improved proficiency
  • 95% Prefer learning with Second Nature to other learning tools

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Successfully teach soft skills

Soft skills are in high demand, but tough to teach. Second Nature’s AI learning tools provide a private, judgment-free space for students to practice listening, public speaking, and more, with instant feedback and realistic practice conversations that they can run at any time.

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Ensure compliance with campus regulations

Every faculty member and student needs to be aware of and abide by regulations around sexual harassment, alcohol consumption, plagiarism, and more. Ensure your community stays on top of compliance with Second Nature’s active learning.

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Make learning fun

Sharpen your institution’s reputation with fun, innovative AI-powered learning tools. Students and faculty alike enjoy practicing with Second Nature’s AI not only because conversational AI is simply cool, but because they can keep training as much as they need.

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Optimize admissions

Avoid the risk of accusations of bias: offer interactive training to practice interviewing people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender identities. Second Nature can also interview candidates and deliver objective, customized analyses and scores.

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Compliance & Certifications

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