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Empower sales reps to serve as trusted guides for buyers who are overwhelmed with product options. Train tech sales better, sell faster

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  • 46% More deals
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Strengthen customer relationships

AI role plays equip tech sales reps with the listening skills to understand customer pain points and the knowledge to differentiate any solution in a busy market. With Second Nature, tech sellers receive instant feedback to correct their mistakes and enhance their sales skills without delay.

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Free up sales manager time

Free your sales managers from watching webcam pitches. Second Nature’s AI delivers objective, timely feedback for every user, while giving managers a clear view of which sales reps need extra support so they can ensure the weakest reps get extra training.

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Boost sales training engagement

Gamified AI-powered role plays make tech sales training fun, engaging reps to practice more and boost proficiency. On-demand, interactive learning ensures each tech sales rep stays up to date with constantly-evolving tech and market trends.

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Scale your SDR/BDR teams at the drop of a hat

Second Nature’s AI-powered sales training platform enables your SDR and BDR team to rehearse real sales conversations and master product and market knowledge, speeding up their time to first call and unlocking your ability to scale at will.

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