Activity-Based Enablement: How to Deliver Sales Learning When It Matters

Guest speaker Peter Ostrow – Vice President and Research Director at Forrester – discusses the advantages of activity-based learning, which is delivered to reps at the exact moment of need during sales opportunities and buyer interactions, and can be more effective than e-learning and classroom training.

Join Second Nature CEO Ariel Hitron and guest speaker Forrester Analyst Peter Ostrow to learn:

  • Proven best practices for B2B Sales Enablement teams
  • Why activity-based sales learning is more effective than traditional adult professional learning
  • How to connect buyer signals, seller activities, and enablement deliverables in real-time
  • The most effective real-time support artifacts for front-line sellers
  • The role that different technologies play in delivering learning in the context of your reps’ deals

Watch the Video

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