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Adapt or Fail: When Reality Changes Your Strategy

Even top-performing sales leaders struggle with roadblocks and unexpected changes in their buyers’ environment. However, the key to success is identifying the right approach moving forward and implementing it quickly and efficiently.

In this on-demand webinar, Doug Hutton, EVP of Customer Experience at Corporate Visions & Ariel Hitron, CEO of Second Nature, reveal the common pitfalls that are overlooked by sales leaders & the cost of doing nothing about it. Together, they will give you the right tools and strategies to overcome these obstacles and make an impact this year.

Join our expert speakers to learn:

  • What’s slowing down your team today
  • How to equip your team to react quickly and efficiently to unplanned buyer changes 
  • If your messaging works and actually helps your sellers’ close deals
  • How to roll out an actionable plan that drives behavior and impacts numbers

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