Turbo-power BPO rep performance with conversational AI

Train all your call center reps to hold successful conversations that drive up sales and customer satisfaction.

  • 46% Higher closing rates
  • 45% Improved proficiency
  • 95% Reps prefer training with Second Nature to any other tool

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Drive better conversations

The stakes are high for call center reps. AI role plays equip them to win trust, understand customer demands, and deal with any issue. With Second Nature, reps resolve tickets faster, close more sales, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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Scale at will

AI training can handle thousands of new hires at the same time. Second Nature serves as an always-on repository for policy and best practices with AI role plays for reps to rehearse customer conversations, speeding up onboarding and certification.

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Save manager time

Free managers from listening to call recordings and scoring sales reps for proficiency and skill. Let Second Nature’s AI deliver timely, consistent evaluation, so managers can focus on coaching sales reps who need more one-on-one support.

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Roll out new messaging anytime

Solidify and unify new messaging across your entire cohort in hours, and feel confident that everyone is on-message when they next speak with a prospect or customer.

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Practice that agents enjoy

Gamification makes training fun, encouraging reps to practice more and keep up to date with new information. Second Nature delivers private, gamified, judgment-free training with an AI coach, helping agents feel more confident and increasing engagement.

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Confirm compliance for every call

Ensure that call center reps making scripted calls can meet strict compliance requirements and avoid wandering off-script – without sounding unnatural.

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Compliance & Certifications

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