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  • 7X More Sales Practice
  • 33% Decrease in Sales Reps Onboarding Time
  • 9/10 Prefer second nature to all other learning methods

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Ramp up engagement with your AI sales training programs

Stop coaxing salespeople to complete training modules. Second Nature’s AI-powered role-plays are a far more engaging way for salespeople to learn skills and demonstrate they’ve mastered the material. No more boring lectures and powerpoints, and embrace innovative sales training.


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Ensure sales training compliance covers the whole organization

Second Nature’s AI learning makes it easier for employees to undertake sales training and learn compliance requirements, and for you to test their mastery.

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Boost sales training course quality AND quantity without raising a sweat

Need to update company messaging, add another feature, product, or service, or tweak the sales conversation for a new version or persona? Create any kind of sales training course easily and quickly with the built-in editor, for any role, persona, or purpose, as often as you like.

Open up manager visibility into participation and performance

Use the built-in AI tools and manager dashboard to automatically track participation in sales training, monitor completion rates and scores, and quantify improvement. Second Nature removes the tedium and inconsistency of manual evaluations, and reveals each agent’s strengths and areas to growth.

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