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  • 3x Sales opportunities opened
  • 45% Increase in proficiency
  • 21% Increase in win rate


Drive more revenue

Know exactly what’s going on with every member of every team, to expand the number and size of deals in the pipeline, and ultimately your bottom line.

Statistics of AI Sales Training

Screen new SDR/BDR applicants

Put AI automation to work identifying applicants with the right hard and soft skills for outbound sales calls work and screening out unsuitable candidates.

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Slash SDR/BDR onboarding time

Gamified AI simulations are engaging and effective, so you’ll have fully-trained SDRs and BDRs ready to roll, faster than you would have thought possible.

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Free up manager time

Hand the evaluating and coaching heavy lifting over to AI, so you can spend time on other high value tasks, and focus your 1-on-1 coaching more effectively.

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Knowledge Analysis

Managers – See your team’s strengths and weaknesses

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each SDR on your team through manager dashboards

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Pivot on a dime

Swap messaging, add products, and launch new features as often as you like. AI training ensures that every single rep is faithful to company messaging, no matter how large your teams.

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Compliance & Certifications

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