Speed up onboarding for
new hires

Keep the whole team
on message

Gain visibility into strengths
and weaknesses


“Onboarding is all about creating that safe space for people to make mistakes in that safe environment, as opposed to having that disaster happen for them. Our grads preferred to practice with [Second Nature’s] AI automation, because it was less pressured, and then they’re ready to go out and handle objections from the customer.”

Susan Greenberg,
Global Presales Readiness Lead, SAP

Boost operator


Improve attendant




Slash the time it takes
to onboard new hires

Personalize your sales team’s training with Jenny and get consistent, objective AI-based evaluation that improves seller confidence and performance. Expand the number and size of deals in the pipeline,and ultimately elevate your bottom line.

After introducing Second
Nature, the number of
exercises completed by each
seller rose threefold.

Screen new applicants
for the skills you need

Unlock a whole new level of sales coaching when you know exactly what’s going on with every member of every team. Understand what’s holding a team back or helping them to fly, so you can correct what’s not working and replicate what is.

Keep messaging consistent,
no matter who’s on the line

Whether it’s sales or customer support, ensure employees remain faithful to your company messaging. Give them the training and the confidence to handle whatever objections or complaints come their way.

Gain visibility into operator strengths and weaknesses

Address which topics and skills need to be improved using Jenny’s objective AI evaluation. Your sales coaching becomes more accurate and effective when you know which issues to cover and where to direct your time.

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