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“Aside from the realism that the simulation provides, the feedback and progress aspects give us great ways to improve. I can see how I’m being rated in terms of my clarity, my knowledge of the subject and even to the way I speak and my energy. This certainly gives insight on how I do my calls and pitches so I can further improve.”

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Improve Rep Engagement & Proficiency with our Sales Coaching Platform

Put an end to the days of coaxing salespeople to complete training modules. Second Nature’s AI simulations are a far more engaging and interesting way for salespeople to learn skills and demonstrate they’ve mastered the material. No more quizzes, and no more twisting arms to achieve participation.

95% of salespeople prefer interactive roleplays with Second Nature to other forms of training or certification like one-on-one roleplays, webcam recordings, or quizzes.

Boost sales coaching quality and quantity without raising a sweat

Need to update your company messaging, add another feature to the sales pitch, or tweak the sales conversation for a new version or persona? It’s a snap with Second Nature. Create any kind of sales coaching course with the built-in editor for any role, persona, or purpose, as often as you like, because now it really is that easy.

Increase Participation & Performance with our Sales Coaching Platform

Use the built-in AI tools to automatically track participation, monitor completion rates, and quantify improvement, removing the tedium and inconsistency of manual evaluations. Hand over the task of reviewing and scoring salespeople to the AI software, and spend more time on other work.

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