Driving Adoption of Change Through Sales Enablement: From Strategy to Execution

Change is inevitable in any organization; whether it’s a new product, new message or new acquisition, and Sales Enablement are at the forefront of that change. It’s up to Sales Enablement teams to bridge the gap between leadership and sales, and make sure strategy turns into execution!

So how can you constantly find effective and engaging ways to get new changes across to the sales team, help them see the value in adopting it and ensure your reps have the knowledge and skills to meet these changing demands?

In this on-demand webinar, Ariel Hitron, CEO of Second Nature and Tara Torkelson, Director of Content Development & Delivery, Sales Enablement at Twilio have a lively, interactive discussion where you will learn:
– Change management: How to help your sellers deal with organizational change as it relates to sellers
– The common disconnect between leadership and sales and how to bridge the gap between the two
– How to overcome common sales challenges with rolling out new products, messaging or targeting new markets
– Reasons for lack of change adoption by sellers and how to make it easier to integrate changes into sales cycles

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