Solve the Challenges of Scripted Calls with AI Training

BY:  Mali Cohen Denzinger
June 13, 2023
Updated on October 1, 2023

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Scripted calls may seem easy to do, but they are hard to do well. Salespeople and reps often sound like they are reading off a script (which, to be fair, they are), and with the lines prewritten, it’s harder to remember to let the customer talk and listen carefully to their responses. What’s more, salespeople and reps can run into difficulties if the customer goes off-script. 

That’s why we created the new Scripted Simulations feature! It’s a new way of using Second Nature’s artificial intelligence (AI) training to make scripted calls sound more natural and be more effective. 

What are the challenges of scripted phone calls? 

Here are the main challenges that sellers and reps encounter when they make scripted calls. 

1. Scripted calls don’t sound authentic

Scripted calls often sound…well…scripted. Prospects pick up on the stilted tone, which damages rep’s and salespeople’s credibility and becomes an obstacle to building a relationship. 

Reading from a script can make salespeople and reps nervous even before they start, which further affects their delivery, and adds to the likelihood that they’ll sound rehearsed and dry, or even worse, fake.

2. Scripted conversations aren’t adaptable

Customers can’t be blamed for not reciting the right lines since they don’t receive the script.  Asking a question or raising an objection that wasn’t anticipated can cause confusion especially if the rep is relatively new. 

Even a small hesitation makes repssound less knowledgeable and undermines the trust relationship and saps confidence. 

3. Scripted conversations can lead to scripted thinking 

Selling or providing service according to a script can discourage salespeople and reps from thinking more deeply about the customer’s needs and the wider value they can provide. They could miss sales opportunities by not listening or not hearing the customer’s underlying concerns. 

The atmosphere of staying within the lines can suppress creativity, preventing reps and salespeople from trying new approaches or suggesting new ideas. 

4. It takes time to learn a script

Achieving mastery over the script takes precious time, and your team is constantly rushing against the clock. Role-play practice is key, but it’s hard to find partners who have the time to sit and rehearse, and managers are overburdened with other tasks and don’t have time to review recordings or provide feedback in a timely manner. 

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How to overcome the challenges of scripted calls

Managers have tried several ways of overcoming the challenges of scripted calls, such as role-play practice and visual aids.

But even regular practice can leave reps and sellers sounding robotic, so some companies encourage different speaking styles or putting the emphasis in different places, to make it match the rep’s or seller’s personality without diverting from the message. 

Sometimes, managers advise their team members to add natural language and incorporate personal anecdotes, as long as they don’t diverge too much from the script. But this can be very difficult when you don’t know  how to embellish the script without digressing too much. And managers don’t usually have the time to listen to role-play recordings and coach their team on the tricky balance of making a scripted call sound natural.

Digital tools can help, but most still require managers to review recordings and provide feedback, which doesn’t ease their burden. Some tools will flag when a user goes off script, but this feedback is only valuable when it’s delivered in real-time, otherwise, it will be forgotten by the next call. 

AI training can overcome scripted call pitfalls

With Second Nature, AI-powered role-play simulations are available round the clock, so salespeople and reps can practice and re-practice their scripts so they achieve a natural sound. 

Second Nature’s AI-powered role-play holds real conversations with the user in real-time. The AI trainer responds and reacts just like a real customer. The AI trainer can even understand when someone uses a different word that means the same thing, unlike other automated training solutions that require users to keep strictly to the script’s exact wording. 

Second nature tool provides real-time feedback and tips about how the trainee can improve their performance, making it easier for sellers and reps to adjust their style and make scripted calls sound natural. 

Depending on how precise the team needs to be in sticking to the prescribed wording, managers can adjust how the conversations are scored by the AI. The AI detects whether the trainee has wandered too far off script, or is just customizing it to their own personality. 

Knock scripted calls out the park

With the help of AI-powered feedback and unlimited practice time, your team will operate like a well-oiled machine. Your team members cover all the points needed for compliance, your messaging is consistent, and your customers are engaged. In this business nirvana, you can blast through your quota and customer satisfaction metrics.

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