Diversity in AI sales simulations means greater relatability

BY:  Elran Bor
November 17, 2021
Updated on March 13, 2023

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New Product Feature: Diverse AI Prospects

Second Nature’s artificial intelligence (AI) sales coach, Jenny, has been helping salespeople practice their pitches, cold calls, and sales conversations for the past year or so. We’ve been excited to hear from clients about how their sellers gain confidence and fluency as they learn how to master every type of call for all of their products and audiences in a safe and engaging way.

But while our users love Jenny — some have even set up an employee profile for her on their HR software — we knew it was time to expand the sales training software‘s range of AI personas for practicing sales conversations. The new AI practice partners reflect a range of prospect personas that are typically seen in sales calls.

Introducing new AI role play partners

We’re happy to introduce our new and diverse range of AI practice partners! Meet Amy, Anika, Henry, Rachel, David, Brenda, Liam, Jonathan, and Oliver.

Jenny is still very much in charge as the sales coach. She simply introduces users to different AI prospects in each simulation and shares her feedback after each practice call.

The sales enablement manager or whoever is setting up the practice program can choose which training partner they want users to talk to for each simulation as well as selecting their role, such as CEO, CTO, Director of IT, VP Product, and so on, for whatever makes the most sense for their target market.

Real prospects are diverse

With a bigger team of training partners, we’ll be able to offer a more diverse sales coaching experience which more closely mirrors the real world, where prospects are of all diverse types.

Confidence is everything.

With simulated sales conversations by Second Nature, new sales hires can speed through onboarding and get to their first real sales call much faster, while more experienced sales employees can hone their pitch, and gain confidence on new products and features, giving them the ability to ace every sales call.

Now companies can offer their salespeople a bigger range of role play partners and sales coach simulations, making practicing sales calls even more like real life, and more enjoyable.

Try Second Nature now.

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