Presenting the New Jenny for AI Sales Coaching

BY:  Rebecca Herson
January 20, 2022

When it comes to successful coaching, one element can make all the difference; how well you relate to your coach. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about running a marathon, boxing a heavyweight, or, in our case, completing sales coaching: you’ll always be able to hear their constructive criticism better, and understand their advice more deeply, if you feel a connection with the coach.

We’ve found that this principle doesn’t change even when your sales coach is a simulation powered by artificial intelligence (AI). That’s why we put so much effort into creating Jenny, a virtual sales coach that people can relate to. In fact, we’ve found that the most successful implementations of our solution happen when sales teams relate to Jenny as another member of the team. It’s important to feel a human connection, even when you’re interacting with AI.

With that in mind, we’ve given Jenny a makeover, as well as some virtual colleagues, and redesigned our whole website.

Jenny 2.0

If you tried out Second Nature in the past, you’ll be agreeably surprised to see just how many improvements we’ve crammed in. The new Jenny 2.0 has a more up-to-date, and realistic look and feel, with a greater range of expression, so that in addition to saying what she thinks about your pitch, she will soon communicate her reactions through different facial expressions.

We’ve also created some new role play partners for people to converse with. The new practice partners are more diverse, providing a more accurate reflection of real world demographics. On top of that, our range of simulations has expanded, with a new cold call pitch practice for SDRs and BDRs, and discovery call simulations among the recent additions.

Second Nature’s new look

Our website has had a thorough overhaul, with new content, new layouts, and improved navigation to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re interested in.

We’re excited to keep on providing even more valuable information and actionable sales coaching insights on our new look site, plus we have lots of plans for the future. Product development is racing ahead, so check back regularly to keep on top of updates.

sales coaching ai

Powering ahead to sales coaching nirvana

Oh, and that’s not all! While all this was going on, we also raised $12.5 million in our Series A funding round, led by signals Venture Capital, together with StageOne Ventures, Cardumen Capital, and a strategic investment by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. It just keeps getting better and better.

Stay with us for the sales coaching ride.

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